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‘The Dresses’ – Sally Gatie solo show

‘The Room’, our dedicated solo show space, features artist Sally Gatie’s fantastic concept show ‘The Dresses’.

Sally Gatie
As a painter, for many years I have been fascinated by studying and painting the sleeping figure enveloped in the day-to-day fabrics we all take for granted, our bed linen, and the colours textures subtle changes in pattern and tone as the material reveals the three dimensionality of the person. This set of paintings is a departure from this subject matter but closely associated with it.
These dresses have been hanging in my wardrobe for many years, unworn for one reason or another. 
My feelings towards them are complicated.

Aesthetically I think they are still beautiful. I remember buying them and wearing them. I remember the softness and texture of the material, the delicate patterns, and vibrant colours. Each dress is sacred in its own way. They hold special memories of important personal occasions they were bought and worn for.
Sometimes these memories are sweet, sometimes bitter, however always

By recording the dresses in paint on canvas, I am scrutinising the reasons I have kept hold of these garments for so long. Perhaps eventually I’ll be able to let go of them and release myself from the need to possess them and the emotional grip they have over me.

WHITE ELEPHANTS oil on canvas 80x145cm jpg
OLD FAITHFUL oil on canvas 80x145cm jpg
LITTLE RED DRESS oil on canvas 78x158cm jpg
CHANCE ENCOUNTER oil on canvas 78x158cm jpg
ANTICIPATION oil on canvas 78x158cm jpg
ALMOST ASCOT oil on canvas 78x158cm jpg


Aug 06 - 30 2021


10:00 am - 5:00 pm


City Contemporary Art
20 Charlotte Street, Perth PH1 5LL